The Latest

January 25, 2009

Well life has been difficult since September.  Three different times Myke has been in and out of the hospital critically ill.  The last time was he was in total renal failure.  He had to have a dialysis treatment which turned things around. 

After being released from the hospital it looked as if he was able to go back to work.  He was to be returning to work on Monday December 15th.  On the 12th we went to see his Kidney MD and she informed us that his kidneys decreased in function very quickly and that it was time for full time dialysis.

I have been in a emotional upheaval ever since.  I did not realized that I was so angry at the situation until last week.

Last weekend Shelley and I drove up to Alturas for her stepfather’s funeral.  While heading home on Sunday we had a nice long talk about this and that.  One of the subjects was Myke’s health.  I blurted out and started crying that I am so very angry – angry at the disease that is ravaging Myke’s body.

It is amazing to me though is how God is in the center of all this and that He has held me and Myke together.  In the midst of the grieve and the storm that rages, He is there holding us firmly in His arms. 

I have been asking for a miracle for a healing for Myke but at this time He has chosen not to heal physically but He is healing emotionally.  I am thankful to His Faithfulness.



November 19, 2008

Have you ever had someone pestering you to blog.  Well I have.  It is sooooo very annoying.  She says “come on girlie, you can do, just do it”.  Boy I never thought I would have such a pest in my life.  She is pretending to be sick and stayed home just to bombard me with e mails. 

HELLO, some people have full-time jobs and then get home and have jobs to do at home.  POOR ME!

I had to beat my husband for burning my lunch yesterday.  Which caused a trip to the ER cuz he can’t take a punch anymore.  The trip to the ER brought about 3 stitches to the inside of his lip and on his chin.  NOW THAT’S WORK. 

Time for blogging NO WAY!!

Seriously, this is fun.  Will have to do it more often.